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Welcome to Aris Farm's first Blog Post

I'm sitting at Doug's house patiently waiting for the refrigerator repair man to show up. I look at my infinite to do list and "blog" has been on it for so long that I must just not see it anymore. Well, I thought this would be a good time to get started. With the temperatures we've been having, I don't mind not being out in the barn, too much.

This year has started out COLD. Water hydrant froze, heated chicken water froze, goats unplugging their heated water, FROZE and then there's me, FROZE. I hear people saying, "Well, it is winter!" Well, no duh! BUT, if I wanted weather like this I would be in Canada or Alaska, not Indiana. Indiana weather is fairly unpredictable but this crap is for the snow birds!!

Enough about the weather. Let's talk about what's happening at the farm. Doug is the engineer behind some of the great improvements we've made around here last year, including a "Shit Shaker" that will make perfectly fine compost for us to sell and use for ourselves. It's quite impressive, so maybe that is what my next blog post will be about accompanied by a video I took of the Shaker in action. So, if you're interested in compost, stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

As for the 3 horses, 1 standard donkey, 3 mini horses, 3 mini donkeys, 7 goats, 11 alpacas, 1 huarizo, 1 llama, 17 chickens, 10 boarded alpacas, 4 of my dogs, 1 dad's dog, 1 grandmas dog, 10 cats, Doug and me, we will keep moving on towards our goal one step at a time. We want to share our farm with the community. Get kids from age 0 to 100 outside and get some farm therapy. We all need more fresh air (and farm air) in our lives. Animals and the fresh earth have an amazing effect on people. I can attest to that personally.

Hopefully, in the spring we will be ready to take on some of our dreams and bring some programs aboard. It's a very exciting adventure for us and we want to share the ride!

"Agriculture is the noblest of all alchemy; for it turns earth, and even manure, into gold, conferring upon its cultivator the additional reward of health.” » Paul Chatfield


Doug, Tracy and all the Critters!

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